Chestnut hunting



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foto-10 kopi

Yesterday afternoon we went to The Stray in Harrogate – chestnut hunting. He had a great time in the huge park! This 200 acres of open grassland and verges, wraps around the main urban ‘old town’ of Harrogate. The Stray exists for the people of the town and is a popular spot for picnicking, kite-flying, outdoor games and local football matches – as well as chestnut hunting!


Starting up my Spring 2015 wall art collection

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My Spring 2015 wall art  collection contains 12 unique handmade pieces. The inspiration comes from the Nordic scenery. The color palette is very simple, I have used neutrals only. Creme, black, brown – and grey melange. Added a hint of pastel pink, just for the fun of it. I use 100% wool or natural yarns for my artworks. You can check out the whole collection if you CLICK HERE. Thank you kindly.