Celebrating Christmas…

In my family we celebrate Christmas the 24th of December. The day before Christmas, all of us go to the local market to buy our Christmas tree. We decorate the tree in the evening. I like to mix my handmade ornaments, Willum´s favorite Maileg gear, with my husbands beautiful decorations he collected together with his mom and dad during his childhood. During Christmas day 24.12 we start preparing the turkey. At 4.00 pm we go to church for the Christmas service, this year we celebrated Christmas in our home in Brejning in Denmark, and we visited our cute local church for the first time, the atmosphere there was so intense, there´s only room for 400 people. We eat Christmas dinner around 7.00 pm and this year we started a new tradition, we learned about in England in my son´s nursery. We put out magic reindeer food in our garden :). `Sprinkle on the lawn at night, the moon will help it sparkle bright, as Santa´s reindeer fly and roam, this will guide them to your home`. And guess what, Santa stopped by our house with presents for Willum!! And in return he gave all his dummies to Santa. (and he never asked for them since ;)). After dinner and rice pudding, we dance around the Christmas tree and sing wonderful Christmas songs. At last we sit down, open our presents one by one, while we are enjoying some home baked pastries and a cup of coffee. Merry Christmas every one!!!







December has arrived

In my family we decorate the house the 1st Sunday of Advent. Willum has his own tiny tree from the beginning of December, filled with homemade Christmas ornaments mixed with @mailegworld accessories. His name heart made by my dear friend Ditte, is always a part of the decorations, I like to add personality. The rest of the house has a very simple Christmas styling, inspired by the Nordic countries. I love simplicity. The 2nd weekend of December we all go to London for Christmas shopping, it is such a nice tradition, which i hope we will keep doing, when we move back to Denmark one day… London has a vibe that I like and the decorations around the city during Christmas is stunning! I will tell you more about our traditions – how we celebrate Christmas eve – when we get closer to Christmas, stay tuned…