My inspiration comes from the cool, melancholic beauty of the Nordic countries. Nature and wide-open landscapes are always present, in my art as well as in my everyday life.
Blue is my favourite colour, hence, the blue hour my favourite moment. These brief minutes of twilight, the sun just below the horizon, when everything takes on this volatile blue hue … it’s just … what can I say … oh so blue!

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  1. katrien vermeeren
    31. October 2015 @ 11:15

    Dear Nanette

    So you found the beautiful white pumpkins!
    thanks for the lovely flowers you send us.


  2. Nanett Schroder
    23. November 2015 @ 22:52

    Dear Katrien, I didn´t see your message until now! You are very welcome! Yes I found the ghost pumpkins I was looking for :). Hope you are good! XX Nanett

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