My biggest project…

I finished my project BIG last week and the BIG wall hanging is now on its way to Denmark. I hope it will hang on beautiful walls for many years to come and share great memories… Below you can follow my way through the project. It was my first time working on my new loom. The wall cover is 110 x 150 cm. On my new loom Im able to weave 200 x 200 cm.



Hi there dear friends, I want to share with you my master piece of the collection. I´m so excited about this wall art. I´ve used my favorite colors, creme and nude. I discovered a new wool roving supplier last week, located only 15 minus from my house @adelaidewalker had the biggest selection of wool roving i ever saw! I found the beautiful drift wood stick when I visited Lakeland earlier this Summer, I believe it just completes the piece.







New collection taking shape..

For my new Winter 2015 collection H O R I Z O N I’m inspired by the Nordic scenery. The cool melancholic beauty. Color wise, I work with creme and black colors, matched with beautiful melanges and a hint of mustard and nude. In every piece I play with MEGA braidings, just for the fun of it. To finish every wall art I use drift wood and leather string. Stay tuned for more…